A Prison Camp of a Hundred and One Ships

This is a true story. I might write as if the story is amusing, which it is, never write as if it is not a serious subject, because it is. Both are true and with [...]


Turkiston Opera

It’s is not the Metropolitan, Glyndebourne or the Royal Opera, however, whatever the mojo is to make an opera buzz the Turkiston Opera has mojo. With a fraction of the resources of the big boys [...]

El Ravel

Walk from the clean air and clean living of the bourgeoisie on the Rambla into the air of its neighbour the air becomes sticky, intrusive and intimidating. You know you are walking into a Wicked [...]

Midnight in Bhopal

I have seen many sad sights; many of the starving, many of the beggars, many of the cripples and many of the discriminated on the many streets of Indian cities. India has a countless and [...]

The 21.35 Train from Moscow

War and Peace, 1200 pages, should be wordy enough for 7 days inside a train.  How wrong. I read less than 100 pages spending the time drinking vodka and engaging in conversation for all 7 [...]


Into Patagonia

I am not sure if I can do this far flung land justice as my writing is not up to the standard required a land as immense as Patagonia calls for Chatwin or Theroux. I [...]


Big Lands of Patagonia

Patagonian 2010 Dear Auntie Just back from the Big lands of Patagonia and so time for a quick letter to my dear Auntie on how the drives and the adventure of this heavenly land have [...]


Storms, Soft-top driving and Football

Argentine 2009 One imperative rule of soft top driving is never to use the soft top. Jim and I were discussing removing the Alfa’s soft cloth altogether as it took up space and served no [...]

High Karakoram

Northern Provinces Pakistan 2009 Fate and adventures sit together in a certain time in history. 20 years ago I read the Zambezi was being dammed, and once built it would no longer be possible to [...]


Long Road to Pakistan

Summer 2009 As mad as it may seem I am very pleased my wife Karyn and I have reached within one foot of India at the Waga border with Pakistan having driven from London on [...]


Road to Rio Mayo

Chile / Argentine Boarder September 2009 Of all the Drives I have done, this remains the most foolish and as close to Death I have come. Not because of any near accident or highwaymen: I [...]


A Jesus in our Time

For reasons I cannot now recall, I have always wanted to stay and at an ashram. I came across, by accident, the ashram of Sri Babu; found the bizarre and the spiritual - the swindled [...]

No parking!

OK, no problem, let’s see what we can do. I had agreed and arranged for the parking permit to be handled by the willing Manager of the New Elgin Hotel, Darjeeling. At the time it [...]


No Bridge

Darjeeling 2006 “Yes John” I answered back to the phone presuming that John would be the only person ringing me at such an hour here in Darjeeling. A crackle and hiss came back with a [...]


Parrot Sketch

Islamabad 2006 Three days with Pakistan customs is a trying affair even for a Sadu. I had reached the point of no return when I had accepted that a time comes when one has to [...]



Central Indian is one land, the other being the Himalaya’s, were the population of India towns & villages does not dominate the landscape and allows breathing space. It is mostly flat, nearly always hot and [...]


Streets of Madras

The old Black Town of St. George is to me the centre of the Madras. It is a town full of extremities and here the levels of history and customs work and live next to [...]


India’s Street Theatre

In the West, personal life is kept behind the family fount door; deliberately, to be away from strangers, neighbours and prying eyes. Not in India. In India’s the street life is close, very close, first-hand [...]


The Station

Coolies in flame red tunics, old men with the hardest work, mottle the surroundings platforms carrying urgently - as do the ladies clinging possession bags, tied as washing - balanced effortlessly. The pedlars strong and [...]


The Two Arrivals

India is calling upon the wind. From the straps of her customs, To smell of her land. It persist on the pith and it kindles. I am more now than breath; I am a life [...]


The Plaque; The Inn; The Inn Keeper

Market Drayton February 25th 1992 Where does a fascination start? - Is it an inspiration, or because of bait? How do you know? A quibble, - perhaps; except my interest of British India started because [...]