We have adopted a donkey! Oscar, our first tentative step into donkey ‘ownership’ before acquiring Nina, Ziggy and Zappa for the big Indian Donkey Walk. After being in touch on Twitter a few weeks ago we met Sara, the most hospitable of hosts at the Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary. She informed us with many an amusing antidote about the ups and downs of donkey’s characters and the delights of donkey ownership. Birmingham provides a beautiful sanitary, which not just benefits the donkeys who are fortunate enough to call these paddocks and stables home, but also the children who come here to ride and interact with the donkeys. The sanitary has a buzz of good work with a certain peace and tranquillity. We talked a lot, cuddled Oscar and took him for a merry walk. If our three donkeys have the good nature of Oscar and we are as good as Sara at handling them then the walking will be a great pleasure between man and beast forged as one while walking across the Garden of Eden. I fear I may be being a blind optimist….however, what else is there to be! 

Oscar at home at Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary (of course we had to take a few selfies…)

IMG_2677          IMG_2682          IMG_2708

IMG_2686         IMG_2770        IMG_2806

Oscar now sits proudly on our desk!

IMG_3774 IMG_3772