Hi folks, sorry for the delay, been hit by a cyclone and had no power, mostly off rather than on, and no water. The days have flown past since my last blog which seems a lifetime ago. Walking has been wonderful. Mostly sands which stretch forever, broken up only by fishing villages. Then the swamp lands. Had to cheat and drive up to Kodikkarai as the swamps lands stretch out to sea and cover vast tracks of land and are impossible to walk. But Kodikkarai, where the swamps are beautiful and finish, is serine as it is empty of people, full of simple wildlife. I could have stayed until the sun burnt out. Oh, what a contract to Rameshwaram and the bright saffron robes of the believer’s bath in the holy wells inside the temple to Shiva. Then Pondicherry. The simplicity of a French town, caught in a different place and time. A time to rest, until….oh dear, the deadly cyclone struck, the rain and the winds covering the coast in a bleak time reminiscing of the tsunami. In Mamallapuram, the town of sculptures and temple builders, the cyclone had done it worst. The power is more off than on, the water a daily tanker. Other than sympathy for the townsfolk, all is good.