The Roman Road. Chapter 1 – A cup of tea abroad

A Roman Road, the perfect test for shoes, backpack and the spirit of a simple man. With this in mind, and before I start the 2,500 kilometre walk with Indian donkeys in November, it seemed wise to stretch out my legs, at least to find their faults and flush out their possibilities and impossibilities, by [...]

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An Introduction to Donkey Care

An introduction to Donkey Care, probably the most important course I'll go on ahead of my trek. Arguably, I'll need more than an introduction ahead of the three months I plan to spend walking across India with Zappa, Ziggy and Nina, but to be honest I like to learn on the job. And really, how [...]

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Meet Oscar!

We have adopted a donkey! Oscar, our first tentative step into donkey ‘ownership’ before acquiring Nina, Ziggy and Zappa for the big Indian Donkey Walk. After being in touch on Twitter a few weeks ago we met Sara, the most hospitable of hosts at the Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary. She informed us with many an amusing [...]

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A few facts I bet you didn’t know about Donkeys

I've made no secret of the fact I know nothing about Donkeys. I may be able to fix a broken down 1970 MGB in the Australian outback, wrangle my way out of gun hold up in India and avoid being robbed while on a very dodgy train in Timbuktu, but donkeys, no absolutely no experience. So in [...]

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