29th October – Cochin: Goodbye Agnes and pig nose

After the disappointment of the dhow, I immediately booked a flight for Cochin and packed my bags. First, I enjoyed sweet Agnes’s last cooked breakfast, said my fell wells to both her and the waiter with the pig nose and left the riad. However many times I go to India, she never failed to seize my [...]

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28th October – Dubai: The adventures of Jack Sparrow and the Swiss pie baker

The dhows are beautiful. They sit row upon row up against the creek wall, dirty blue, worn gracefully like old men telling tales and agreeing together life was once slower and the young respectful. I asked and asked along the creek for an Indian bound dhow. They were kindly sailors keen to speak and tell [...]

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27th October – Dubai: The Kardashians and Agnes

The gold souk has all the bling every Kardashian needs. The women stare at shops like high alters and the watchman wears all of Geneva's timepieces. It's fun, it's Dubai; the lure of a fool’s gold. Agnes is a sweetie. When I am thirsty she makes me tea. I have found Earl Grey in the [...]

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26th October – Dubai: Modigliani and the Sun God

I brought a painting today. Tucked in an old shop in the remaining old streets close to my riad, an outgoing short dumpy Mumbai women with short graying hair, the making of everyone’s lovable grandma, moved restlessly about her wares showing me this and explaining about that. ‘Look at this painting. Are you an artist?’ [...]

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25th October – Dubai: The Hell of a Port!

Agnes calmed me with tea and her happy gracious smile. She is a dear. The Dubai port put me through hell and as I sat and drank Agnes’s tea I fought the Devil's emotion not to return and shoot each and every one of the despicable port men with their small moustaches dead! An attitude [...]

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24th October – Dubai: Visa’s and old riads and a sensible illicit beer

Happy Birthday Mum. Hope the card, flowers, and the Rolls Royce arrived.   This morning Agnus, the round cuddly women with black curly hair serves me breakfast and keeps fussing about the riad, I like her smile and her concern over me. I am sure somewhere else in this world she is a mother with [...]

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23rd October – Dubai

Happy Birthday Mum. Hope the card, flowers and the Rolls Royce arrived. This morning Agnes, the round cuddle women with black curly hair, serves me breakfast and keep fussing about the riad, I like her smile and her concern over me. I am sure somewhere else in this world she is a mother with many [...]

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22nd October – Dubai: By the 7000 kilometre route. What a journey

Practice trips over and car rally completely after 7000 miles riding in the back of a beast of a Land Rover across the lands of conformity and prayer, I have arrived into the desert of bling and modernity. Dubai. Anyway, enough of philosophy and poetry. Instead a big thank you, with hugs and kisses, to friends who [...]

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Chapter 3 – Almaden to Monesterio

It was a busy Saturday night in Almaden and I don’t think the town slept a wink. They were having fun, and a Saturday night of festivity is good for the health of the mind and does the body no harm. Except for those in the alberque, including myself, who walked for the same remedy [...]

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The Roman Road. Chapter 2 – The walk from Saville to Castilblanco

My small guidebook let me know the next town on the Roman Road was Castilblanco de los Arroyos, a stretch of some 18 kilometres north. The sun was rising fast in the late morning. The sky clear and perfect for the sun to make scorch marks on the land and on those that do not [...]

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