Practice trips over and car rally completely after 7000 miles riding in the back of a beast of a Land Rover across the lands of conformity and prayer, I have arrived into the desert of bling and modernity. Dubai.

Anyway, enough of philosophy and poetry. Instead a big thank you, with hugs and kisses, to friends who made their way from Europe with me. We have had great fun driving cars of all ages from Istanbul across turkey into Iran and finally Dubai. It has been wonderful – thank you again – I will miss you all as I set off on the next step to India, to trade in the speed of a docile Landy for a stubborn plodding donkey!

Now I sit alone in a riad in Dubai old town drinking Earl Grey served by a grumpy Indian with the turned-up nose of a pig, who has spent too long in Dubai away from the Mumbai he no longer calls home – in his own no man’s land – and listen to his unwanted advice on how to get the Landy to Cochin.

Inside the shade of the courtyard I am assured by the Indian the riad is 125 years old. I say nothing; listen to his waffle, contemplate, and listen to the call to prayers, the planes and the sound of building sites.

Tonight, dinner with a friend who now calls Dubai home and tomorrow, if God is willing, the Landy will be off on an adventure of her own.