I am walking again! And for the first steps to Calcutta I dipped my feet into the holy waters of the India Ocean to bless my naked feet and wish me well on a journey of a million steps. Alongside me a young woman was having fun with the lapping waves breaking between the numerous fishing boats being worked on by dark skinned men back from the sea. She kicked out at the breaking waves, wetting the bottom of her sari. Her angel trinkets jingle about as she splashed at her husband swimming about in his shorts and working vest as he tried to tease her. He called out with a happy smiley face and waved at her to join him. She waved back, then splashed him to say NO! We both stood erect in a foot of water, close to each other with our own thoughts, beliefs and of course forebodings; was her mind on how mighty the sea seemed? And Mine? Oh yes, mine – how mighty the land is.

Together the man and woman found unity by holding down an empty bottle to capture a little of the magical, pure and holy waters at the very tip of India. I find this a simple mesmerising act. An entertaining act of love, as if they are lighting a temple candle together. However, it must be together, hands joined by holding an open bottle in the holy waters. I did the same, (but of course it is not the same) thinking what will happen to the purity of their water? Will it be poured as a fertility ritual by her husband onto her tummy to enrich the honey of happiness and give them healthy babies? You must believe in something, and everything is believable in India. And mine? Oh yes, what about my small bottle of sea water? It will simply travel with me for good providence overland to Calcutta, never straying far from the seashore. I will then stand on the Howrah Bridge, 250 feet above the Hooghly River, and empty the sea water into the river water where it belongs, and watch the holy liquid start the return journey home.

I wanted to wish this young couple good luck. Tell them to keep their holy water safe; they don’t know when it will be needed. Instead, I said goodbye, but they were chuckling together, sniffing the bottle of sea water like smelling salts. I don’t think they heard me and I start walking.